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Sunday Morning Pancakes

12 May

The littlest Lanagan was coming over for breakfast and so fluffy pancakes were on the menu. This was my first time to make them and they turned out wonderfully fluffy on the inside with a satisfying golden skin. To my great surprise they’re quite effortless to make, you mix together the dry ingredients and gradually stir in the wet (milk & egg).

As the first pancake nearly always turns out terrible I made a mini one to test the temperature of the pan, much to the great amusement of himself! I made a batch of plain, that were served with a healthy dose of blueberry maple syrup, and a batch of chocolate chip which oozed melty chocolate in the most elegant way when you slid the knife into them! We also decided they would make an excellent dessert served with rich, creamy, home made vanilla ice cream. It was, in fact, a truly lovely Sunday morning 🙂

Pancakes a cookin’


happy pancakes!


Margaritas and Blondies!

11 May

The lovely B had the gals around on friday night for home made enchiladas (yum!) and margaritas, the smell of which would make you intoxicated. I was on lime squeezing duty on arrival and they truly were great cocktails! I brought with me some blondies. I filled mine with milk chocolate chips and a broken large bar of bournville orange. Divine! I’m looking forward to creating new fillings for these wonderful bad boys!

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