Wedding Cake

13 Oct

I wasn’t that nervous about making the wedding cake for my brother and his lovely bride to be. I had made one and they had both tasted and loved it and I then made improvements and a second one was made, tasted and luckily enjoyed. I figured third time around though tripple the quantity should be fine, and it was!! Three hours in the oven and a beautiful golden chocolate coffee cake emerged in the wee hours of Tuesday morning 6th of October. Plenty of time for it to cool and be iced before being brought over to the hotel. I had to work a half day on the Wednesday so my lovely mother kindly iced it to save some time, which was great as I didn’t make it to the homestead until 4.30pm.  I sat and chatted with my cousin, the best man when I arrived in; had some tea and relaxed before the big day. The dog mooched over and threw herself against me looking for belly rubs. Urged by my mother, I went into the dining room, where the iced cake was being kept to keep it cool.
I froze.
Something was not right and it took me a few moments to comprehend what had happened. The cake did not look right, something was indeed rotten in the state of Denmark. The dog had eaten the cake. THE DOG HAD EATEN THE CAKE!!!! This was something I had not planned for!!!! It hadn’t occurred to me that this may even happen!!!!! I brought it into the kitchen and was met with looks of shock and disbelief. The first words my brother uttered were “don’t tell the bride!”. I could either laugh or cry. I laughed, hysterically. Then promptly left for the supermarket to re-purchase the ingredients. The cake went into the oven at 7pm and came out of it at 10pm. It was iced at 7.30am the morning of the wedding and arrived into the hotel just before we did! Phew!!! I held my breath as they cut the cake, hoping it would be OK and heaved a huge sigh of relief after. All was good!!! We did not tell the bride until the next day, which she thanked us greatly for!


2 Responses to “Wedding Cake”

  1. Chris November 15, 2009 at 10:18 am #

    Such a funny story, I laughed so much when I heard it. Well done on saving the day.

  2. madeinthepresenceofnut November 15, 2009 at 4:50 pm #

    Thanks Chris! I still find it hard to believe!

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