Mid Week Dinner

10 Nov

When someone is calling over for dinner mid-week, I usually go for hassle free and tasty! The weeks seem to jam-packed lately and are flying by, so it’s always nice to sit down over a meal and catch up with friends. I love this prawn dish and I make a few variations of it including a chili/ tomato version. It’s so so simple and very quick to prepare. I made it whilst chatting to the lovely Ciars Lite!

You first put the pasta on to cook. Heat some oil and butter in a pan and when hot fry a few cloves of mashed garlic. When they have coloured slightly you add the prawns, leave them for a minute and add about a glass or more of wine, depending on how many you are cooking for. Let this simmer to boil off the alcohol. Bring the heat down and gradually stir in some cream, let this simmer and thicken. If you like a thick sauce (I don’t) you can add some corn flour. To do this I generally remove a tbsp or two of the sauce from the pan into a cup, mix in the flour and then return it to the pan and stir it in. When the spaghetti is cooked toss it into the prawns and sauce. I love this served with fresh lemon squeezed over it and sprinkling of grated Parmesan!

Prawns in a White Wine Sauce


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