Macarons, Finally!!

24 Oct

Ah the macaron!! My nemesis. This was a challenge I had set my self because I adore these, Ladauree in particular. They can be so damn finicky to make but they’re so damn tasty!!  I have read recipe after recipe and watched many youtube videos to actually see people beat the meringue and not over mix it and watched them pipe out the macarons with great ease. As I sit and type the macarons are catching my eye and I’m now staring at them in utter amazement that I can finally make them, though I don’t doubt that in the future there will be times when they won’t work; the room won’t be warm enough, the eggs won’t be old enough, they won’t be fully hard before they enter the oven. But I do look forward to making them time and time again. I am quite stubborn by nature, I can’t give up on things so in away the macaron really does represent me.

They’re so versatile because of the amount of flavours you can make and the amount of fillings you can choose. For this competition I made blueberry macarons, for two reasons. One because blueberrys are in season and I like to make seasonal foods and two, I love blueberrys! The shell is not quite as purply as I’d like it but it works. The filling is delicately sweet – a mixture of mascarpone and good home made blueberry jam.


One Response to “Macarons, Finally!!”

  1. madeinthepresenceofnut October 24, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    Thanks to Kris from for his advice 🙂

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