Take One – A 50th Birthday Cake

2 Nov

Clacker Cake

My first cake order! I was so excited about making this but also a little nervous. What if I made a total f*ck of it?! I found a gem of a book called Planet Cake which I would advise anyone to get if they are interested in cake decoration. It’s a marvelous book that gives great techniques on applying ganache, applying rolled icing, how to fix any tears that may occur and much more.

The cake was made over three days. The first evening began with making the ganache, the second evening the cakes were baked and the third day was spent decorating and covering the kitchen in chocolate!

One of the most nerve wracking things was being thereat the party when the cake was being cut. Everyone had commented on how great it looked and one lady came over and said how sometimes cakes look beautiful but don’t taste the same! Argh! She later came back and said she was delighted to tell me the cake tasted delicious! Phew!

I absolutely loved baking this cake, I have another order to do this weekend and I’m very excited, two Little Miss birthday cakes, lets hope they turn out as well!


2 Responses to “Take One – A 50th Birthday Cake”

  1. Andrew November 5, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    Congrats my dear!!!! Woohooo for the first cake order 😉 Oh and my friend Kelly from Vermont just “liked” you on Facebook. Fingers crossed! xx, A

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