Two Little Girls, Two Little Cakes

8 Nov

For the gorgeous twin’s first birthday their lovely Mum wanted them to have a cake each..Little Miss Wise and Little Miss Giggles…challenge!! I was very excited about these cakes and had more confidence doing them having gained some knowledge from the previous cake.

Little Miss Cakes

Little Miss Wise

The cakes were due Sunday at 1pm so preparation began on Friday night when I made the dark chocolate ganache to cover the cakes with. Saturday morning I then made the two cakes, both chocolate, in square shaped tins and left them to coll for the day.

Saturday night, when the cakes were both completely cool, I cut them to shape and covered them both with the ganache. Then the icing was dyed for the relevant colours, wrapped in cling film and left to develop over night..the colours get stronger when you leave them in the dark overnight.

Although I was up early Sunday morning , I had so much fun. Before the icing was placed on the ganache covered cakes they were hot knifed first to ensure they were completely smooth. Then came the fun task of icing them..and adding their individual features – hair, hands and faces!

Little Miss Giggles

The best tips I could give anyone who wants to create a  cake like this would be:

  • Cool Cakes – make sure your cakes are completely cool before you attempt to cut and shape them and especially when putting ganache on, it could slide right off…not something you want to happen.
  • Colouring the icing the night before – this allows the colours to develop properly over night so you know exactly what colour the cake will be.
  • This Roll out the icing on plastic sheeting or cling film – I did this when making these cakes and it was far less messy. It was also much easier to transfer to the cake, though there were times when I could have done with a third hand!


4 Responses to “Two Little Girls, Two Little Cakes”

  1. Caroline@Bibliocook November 10, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

    What gorgeous cakes. Well done you!

  2. Anna Deegan November 10, 2010 at 4:40 pm #

    Totally amazing, I might be hounding you soon to bake a cake for Mirko’s birthday 🙂

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