A 21st Birthday

29 Nov

Happy 21st

Another cake, another challenge and surprisingly not another destroyed kitchen! I’m gradually learning how to tidy as I go, much to the delight of himself! He arrived into a mostly tidy kitchen after this cake had been completed. I was up at 7.30am Sat morning to ice and decorate this cake, thunder over head and a flurry of snow and hailstones to keep me company. I love snow, it always gives me a lovely calm and peaceful feeling when I look out at it. Not so much when I’m slipping and sliding on the footpaths though! Which I did much of on Saturday en route to the Taste of Christmas (mmm Gino d’Campo!).

The only requirements for this cake was the size, that it would be chocolate and that the colour must be peachy pink and I think I delivered on all that. There were 21 bendy stars on it which were also edible and well, festive and fun. I was slightly concerned that the icing would crack as it was so cold but I think it went OK.

View from the top


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