I read a lot of food blogs, I adore reading them and learning new ways of cooking things, discovering foods I never knew existed and learning about the lovely people out there who take the time to blog. I’m fairly new to this world and started because, well, frankly I love to cook. I love to bake. I am happy and content when I bake and  I love sharing my both my triumphs and disasters with those around me.

I’m a designer and I am enough lucky to live with my manshape (and lover of food!) in Dublin. I learned to cook from my amazing mother; I think it was a combination of baking with her and osmosis! Our kitchen never closed. The minute it was clean it was time to start another meal, or bake brown bread, or scones or make chutney. Everything revolved around the kitchen table and a lot of my stories and memories come from nights around the table with family and friends. My mother is also a firm fan of feeding people, she delights in it and has passed this caring gene on to me.


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