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Chicken for Dinner

14 Jan

Work has been so busy since the Christmas break, the weather has been miserable and it is so hard at times to get motivated to cook dinner when I return home in the evenings. This is so quick to throw together and really hits the spot.

I actually had no idea what I was cooking when I started putting things together. There was chicken in the fridge and I spotted some brocoli and there was some left over white wine from the previous weekend.

I diced two breasts of chicken and seasoned them with salt and pepper. Having heated some olive oil in a pan I added a chopped clove of garlic and the diced chicken. At the same time I put on some basmatti rice to cook and some brocoli. When the chicken was cooked (this only take about 5 mins depending on the size of your pieces, be careful not to over cook, there is nothing worse than tough, chewy chicken), I removed it from the pan to a plate leaving the juices and the garlic behind. I added a cup of wine, a cup of chicken stock and some cream (add as much or as little as you like, I tend to lean towards less with cream) and simmer gently until the alcohol burns off and the sauce thickens. You can then either add the chicken and brocoli to this or pour the sauce over both when you plate your food, depending again on what you like! So quick to make and it really did hit the spot!! I think it would also be great served with linguine and garlic bread.

Sauce poured over!

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