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Are ya goin’ for a Pint?

2 Feb

Chocolate Biscuit filled Guinness Cake

I think I’m happy with this cake.  Now I’m not a fan of chocolate biscuit cake so it was hard for me to judge how it tasted, I’ll have to wait for the verdict on that – it is to be served at a 50th birthday tonight. The black dye has just about washed off my fingers though I can’t say the same for the kitchen. It’s patiently waiting to be cleaned. The hardest part was the lettering and I have to thank himself for helping me out with that. I also need to invest in a proper mini scalpel for this exact purpose.

I really enjoyed the challenge of this cake and it was my first chocolate biscuit filling (chocolate, rich tea, digestives, malteasers, butter & golden syrup) – which I let set and then covered with ganache, let that set and then covered it with the black and white icing.

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